Horowitz: Wall construction under Biden? Red states can complete border wall in Texas and Arizona

The red states need to join and help themselves – then make Biden pay for it!

There is one question that is of crucial importance for our communities and our national security: What can the states do when the federal government seems not to care about them?

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It keeps its border open and invites smugglers and cartels to bring in potentially millions of new migrants, along with cartel members, gangsters, and previously deported criminals!

On Monday, one Texas lawmaker introduced a bill that could stimulate states to secure some degree of control over the border.

Namely, Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton filed HB 2862, which would fund the completion of the border wall in Texas with state funds.

It demands the governor to request reimbursement from the federal government. This would boost the existing Operation Lone Star, in which Gov. Greg Abbott has deployed the Texas Rangers to the border.

The importance of this bill lies in the fact that Biden stopped the construction of the border fence even while portions of the wall were still being built. Those wall parts that were built non-contiguously became a perfect way for cartels to go around the fencing.

Additionally, the cartels can now even use the new access roads built during the construction!

To conclude, the half-completed fencing made us more vulnerable than we were before the construction work started.

The Trump administration constructed 453 miles of new fencing – 373 miles of replacement fencing for existing designs that were dilapidated or easy to breach and 80 miles where no fencing existed. Yet, most of that fencing was in Arizona or in the El Paso sector, which includes far west Texas and New Mexico.

When Biden terminated the project, 18 miles were completed in the Rio Grande Valley sector, no miles in the Del Rio and Laredo sectors, but 165 miles in those three sectors were under construction. Del Rio, in particular, is a hot spot at this point.

It is critical to build in Arizona, and the fact that the wall and its infrastructure were terminated midway only aggravated things there.

Prior to building the new fencing, builders entirely ripped out the old fencing, so now, there is nothing there after the construction was stopped. In this way, smugglers and illegal immigrants can easily cross over with cars and enjoy the newly built access roads.

The Cochise County sheriff  Dannels said:

 “They literally just walked away from it.”

Additionally, in Cochise County, the infrastructure in the low water crossings was not completed, so in a few months, the heavy rains will destroy the foundations. It would be much more expensive to rebuild them again.

According to Sheriff Dannels, he is now counting almost 3,000 runners detected on his cameras per month, up from just 400 a month a year ago.

His sergeant, Tim Williams, who runs the camera system, claims that the department is only apprehending about 35% of them. As a result of the rugged terrain and remote areas, those crossing areas of the border like Cochise are mainly criminals and drug runners.

Therefore, Arizona needs a bill on its own in order to continue the works, at least on the existing infrastructure of the border wall.

Other red states can join the efforts and help these two border states shoulder the national burden. They can also crowdsource from private funds.

In this way, they will embarrass Biden. Also, such a national move would force states to choose between security and anarchy.

Before thousands more cross the border, the red states need to act fast and stop the anarchy.

Don McLaughlin, mayor of Uvalde, Texas, 60 miles into the interior from the Del Rio border with Mexico, explained how ranchers in his county are now being confronted by desperate smugglers:

“The ranchers are getting confronted more and more, their fences are getting cut, and their land is being trashed by the migrants. What’s concerning is that they are getting bolder and bolder about coming to your house and demanding you give them food, you give them transportation, and you give them money. It’s a powder keg that’s going to blow up. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when somebody is going to get shot – whether it be a local citizen, a local rancher, or one of these immigrants coming across the ranches because they’re getting braver and braver. And some of them, to be honest, are very aggressive when they approach you. We’re seeing more aggressiveness now than we’ve ever seen before.”

This anarchy seems to get even worse from the Mexican side, and the Mexican government has become enraged with Biden. According to Reuters, Mexico President AMLO referred to Biden as the “migrant president”, adding that his government is concerned at the way Biden’s policies have created an oasis for organized crime up and down the smuggling routes of Mexico.

It seems that the red states can find allies in Mexico faster than in the president!

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Source: Blaze Media 

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