Hollywood Celebrities Melt Down Over Georgia’s Election Integrity Law: Racist, ‘Straight Up’ Evil

Hollywood goes against Georgia

Hollywood celebrities are pretty frustrated with Georgia’s new voter integrity law. It implements voter ID requirements and limits ballot drop boxes. Liberal celebrities don’t like any of this. Guess what… Most of them don’t even live in Georgia. They all condemned the new law as “racist” and “evil,” saying it’s a form of “voter suppression.”

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On Thursday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) inked into law Senate Bill 202, which passed along party lines by the General Assembly of Georgia. The new law gives the Georgia State Elections Board the ability to control county election boards in places that require oversight.

Georgia’s Secretary of State will be removed from the chair of the State Elections Board.

Edward Norton, Susan Sarandon, Rosanna Arquette, Padma Lakshmi, Billy Eichner, and many more voiced their frustration.

According to Norton, Georgia Republican leaders are “racists” for inking the bill into law. He also retweeted the Lincoln Project.

Sarandon shared a similar tweet.

Rob Reiner is convinced that the new law will prevent people from voting.

Rosanna Arquette said Gov. Kemp was a racist and a KKK member.

Eichner said the new law makes him sick.

Alyssa Milano, of course, plans to violate the new law’s provision against providing food and drinks to voters in line.

Lakshmi wrote that the new law is a “desperate attempt to disenfranchise millions of voters.”

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Source: Breitbart

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