Hilarious Video Mocking Maskholes

People are doing hilarious things to amuse us!

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Some say that laughter is the best medicine!

In our country, there is a war between the people who support the masks and vaccines versus the people who want to breathe Oxygen and who are anti-vaccine!

It is a severe problem, and it will grow into a huge argument. However, we can still laugh at the Maskholes.

Below you have the definition of the word Maskhole.

Those are the people who, besides the two shots of the vaccine, still decided to wear the masks. Some of them are wearing two or three masks at the same time.

But that’s not all! These people are the ones who persuade the rest of the citizens to get the coronavirus shot.

I know a lot of people who support the vaccination and mask-wearing process. It’s disturbing to see that half of the population is brainwashed by the authorities with this pandemic.

If you are among the people who still ask: ‘’How did Hitler get away with murdering millions?’’ Then we have your answer.

Half of the brainwashed population followed his guidelines. And AGAIN, we are in the same situation.

The problem is real!

However, we have something that will make you laugh!

I challenge you to watch the video without laughing!

I love this video! Also, I assume that you will love it too!

Below you can read the top comments.

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