Hilarious Online Polls Pits Biden Against A Ham Sandwich And The Results Are Stunning

Joe Biden is a failure

People would pick a ham sandwich over him. Democrats tried really hard to put their candidate in the White House. They stole the 2020 presidential elections just to get their senile guy inside the office. It’s more than obvious that Biden is not the right person to lead our country. He is a creepy guy and parents don’t want him any near their kids. That’s not all. Biden struggles to make a simple sentence and even humiliates himself every time he makes a public appearance.

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Remember when Barack Obama once said we should never ever underestimate Biden’s ability to f**k something up? That was a really good remark.

Biden put our country into a terrible situation. The situation on the southern border is terrible. We are dealing with soaring inflation and gas prices. Shelves in grocery stores are empty. What’s Biden up to now? Absolutely nothing. He has just returned from his trip overseas. Meeting foreign leaders, remember? It was a debacle.

Latest USA Today poll confirmed that Biden’s approval rate dropped to 38 percent. This poll told us the truth. It’s not like we didn’t know it before. Biden is a failure and we don’t need him in the Oval Office.

There’s more. Another unofficial poll pushed Biden at the bottom of the list. Conservative Twitter personality “Catturd” compared Biden to a ham sandwich. Who won?

Ham Sandwich was winning the poll with 98.9 percent within 9 hours remaining.

Here’s what people said online:

“Who are the 1% that voted for JB? 

“I’m taking this question quite literally. I know deep down wholeheartedly that a Ham Sandwich would be undeniably better. I cannot be more sincere.”

“I think Joe voted.”

“At least a ham sandwich is tasty.”

“Why is there a 1% … turn yourself in!”

“Ham sandwich, even without the ham.”

“I’m guessing the Ham Sandwich is offended at this comparison”

“36,000 people would prefer a ham sandwich running a country over joe biden. I’m curious what that number would be if the entire country voted.”

“Any one up for a ham sandwich?”

“But this guy got 81 million votes??? LOLOLOLOL” 

“I voted Ham Sandwich even though I’m a vegetarian.”

Biden will probably stop eating ham now. Absolutely. This was a big failure for the so-called president.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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