HILARIOUS: Joe, You Know I Won!

What did Donald Trump write on his note for Joe Biden?

We all know there was a note…

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According to President Trump, “it was from the heart.” Biden didn’t reveal much about this note.

Trump didn’t say much, too.

Well, these mugs are definitely selling like crazy.

We don’t even know if they will stay in stock.

One thing stands for sure. This is the perfect mug for your favorite coffee.

Patriots and decent Americans have to have it. It works well for any beverage of your choice:

  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • 11 oz volume
  • High gloss + premium white finish
  • Made to last for years

Here’s what people said of this mug:

“Love this mug so much that I bought two of them! One for at home and one for at work. It’s the perfect size for a perfect afternoon pick me up and coffee.”

– Deborah V.

“From the first time I saw this mug I had to get it when it arrived my wife promptly claimed it as hers. She loves it and now I’ll have to get one for me”

– Kevin M.

“Bought one for me and one for my brother — no one who has seen it could resist commenting or laughing!”

– Marcia M.

Order one of these and get one for someone you love. Let’s put a big smile on their faces!

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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