Highly Vaccinated Iceland & Gibraltar Update: A Valuable Lesson Why Compliance FAILS

Iceland and Gibraltar are teaching us a lesson

These two countries were destroying the COVID-19 vaccine passport narrative a few months ago.

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As you may know, Iceland and Gibraltar have dramatically high COVID-19 inoculation rates.

Gibraltar is located in the southern part of Spain. About 99% of 34,000 residents were vaccinated by June 1st. however, Gibraltar had rising number of cases and restrictions in the summer.

It’s winter now and Gibraltar goes through the same nightmare.

Gibraltar is “the most vaccinated country in the world” but it deals with another wave of infections.

Festivities are now canceled…

100% vaccinated and locked down.


Iceland is the home of about 369,000 people. About 90% of the residents got their jabs by this summer.

Well, it didn’t help. Waves of new cases brought restrictions back.

Masks, social distancing, lockdowns…

Are coronavirus jabs efficient? Not at all.

About 92% of all adults are fully vaccinated, but Iceland has record-high new cases.

From Iceland Review:

After receiving suggestions from Chief Epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason, Minister of Health Svandís Svavarsdóttir has decided to significantly tighten infection prevention restrictions to contain the fast spread of  COVID-19. The regulations go into effect at midnight tonight. Gatherings will generally be limited to 50 people, but events requiring rapid tests can have 500 people per compartment. Restaurants and bars will be allowed to remain open until 10 pm, and swimming pools, ski resorts, and gyms will operate at a 75% capacity. The regulations will remain in effect until Dec 8.

The Ministry of Health cites a sharp rise in domestic infections, with an increasing strain on the healthcare system and contact tracing teams as the main reason for the tightened restrictions. “Due to the situation, the National Hospital’s services have been interrupted, and they’re facing a staff shortage,” the Chief Epidemiologist’s memorandum to the Minister of Health stated. “The same goes for other healthcare institutions.” The Chief Epidemiologist has stated that tight infection prevention restrictions are necessary while working on reaching widespread communal immunity with the booster shot program that’s already underway. Approximately 160,000 people will be called in for their third vaccine shot by the end of the year.

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