He’s Up To Something….Chris Wallace Just Ripped Kamala Harris Limb From Limb…

This might be his plan to take Kamala down, in a collaboration with Team Biden.

Many suspect that he already works with Team Biden on the plan to take down Kamala, after seeing Chris Wallace’s latest move.

Namely, a few days ago, OANN reported that their WH source said that after the border visit, a fed-up Kamala would start playing “hardball” with Team Joe, as she was allegedly sick and tired of being tossed under the bus.

And now, this move..

Fox News host Chris Wallace just spoke out against Vice President Kamala Harris after she finally visited the U.S-Mexico border.

He claimed that she and the White House have still not proposed any answers on the ongoing migrant “flood” flowing across the border. He added that Harris did not give any clear answers about how to solve tens of thousands of migrants crossing the border illegally each month, and that her visit appeared to be only her checking off a symbolic box instead of actually providing actual solutions to the migrant crisis.

He said:

“Well, we did hear one solution. And that is that nobody is going to be able to ask Kamala Harris, ‘why haven’t you been to the border yet. She has now been to the border. So she took care of that. But on the question which I think most Americans are asking, which is how are we going to prevent hundreds of thousands of people from coming across the border illegally as they have since Joe Biden became president, there really were no answers there.”

She continued:

“She did talk about root causes, she did talk about reforms at the border. But there was nothing that was going to turn off the spigot and stop this flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border, which started when Joe Biden lifted some of the restrictions of the Trump era on people coming across, especially unaccompanied minors.”

Wallace added that Kamala still has much to accomplish in terms of the border crisis:

“The problem with the root causes, and ultimately it’s kind of self-evident, the reason people make the long trip from Guatemala or Honduras or El Salvador, or even Mexico, is because they think the situation is going to be better in this country than it is in their country. That’s obvious.”

Yet, he is far from the only one to take issue with the border visit of the Vice President.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R) tweeted:

“Kamala Harris is avoiding the epicenter of the #BidenBorderCrisis border crisis. This is the reality of their failed policies and lack of solutions.”


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