Here’s Why Elon Could’ve Just Screwed Himself By Announcing He’ll Reverse Trump’s Twitter Ban

Musk will reverse Trump’s Twitter ban. Even though he said he doesn’t want to be back on Twitter, it would be good to undo the ban, but there’s a downside.

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Elon Musk announced his plan about Trump’s Twitter account, and we’re scared. I guess the regime will leave everything and throw it at him to stop the sale from happening. The purchase isn’t over yet, and many people want to prevent it.

This announcement will 100% worsen the situation.

Maybe we are paranoid, but this must trigger the Biden Regime, the Deep State members, and the GOP establishment.

The ban is morally wrong, and Musk wants everything to be right!

Watch the video below:

Once the sale is over, Trump can decide whether he will use Twitter or stay on Truth.

We hope that Elon Musk will make things right.

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