Here Is What Was Going On Behind The Scenes and These Are The “Dirty Little Secrets” That Led Up To Meghan McCain Quitting “The View”

The toxic behavior at “The View” is sickening…

After three years on the program as the token conservative, Meghan McCain announced that she would be leaving the ABC talk show “The View” last week.

Now, it is reported that he cohosts are happy about this decision of hers.

Plus, the entire show now looks like total chaos, once new details on the reason why she decided to leave emerged.

The source said:

 “Everyone was at their wits’ end — even Whoopi, and she’s the chillest of them all. Whoopi is never going to advocate for anyone to get fired. She’s not about that, but she was very clear that she no longer wanted to work with Meghan.”

Moreover, the insider said that part-time conservative co-host, Ana Navarro, “probably drank so many goddamn margaritas” to celebrate McCain’s announcement.

According to another source, Goldberg, Navarro, and Joy Behar all told network executives that they didn’t want to work with McCain anymore:

 “It happened as soon as [new ABC News president] Kim [Godwin] came in. It was right after Joy and Meghan’s huge [on-air] blow up [in May] where the network called an emergency meeting. They told new management, ‘We don’t want to work with her anymore.’ Whoopi was clear that she didn’t want to work with her either. There have been so many well-documented issues, and [Meghan] has not made a good impression on new management.”

A third source added:

“[The hosts] all came with complaints to Kim about Meghan.”

It was reported that the previous regime at ABC had McCain’s back. Therefore, when McCain and Sunny Hostin weren’t getting along, the former brass relayed to Hostin:

“‘Get along with Meghan or get out.’”

The first source said:

“Meghan hated Sunny and didn’t trust her. She thought she was leaking stories about her and it was a bad situation. [ABC brass] essentially told Sunny, ‘Don’t make us have to choose between you and Meghan because we’re not going to choose you.’ And they’ve had a faux friendship ever since.”

Yet, another source claims that McCain and Hostin have since gone on to become friends:

“They were in a bad place at one time. They speak every day now and have been there for each other.”

Meanwhile, people close to McCain claim she was miserable on the show for a long time:

 “It was a difficult decision for her to make, and they got what they wanted. Meghan has been wanting to leave for a long time. She is sick of fighting this fight.”



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