Here Is The True Reason Why Biden Is In “The Basement”!

It turns out, there might be another reason for Biden’s hiding in the “basement” for some time now

It might have sounded funny at first, to be told that he wanted to get in bed early, and it seems that people were more informed about his staff than the new president, but it turns out that the truth is much, much bigger than that.

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Something huge is going on in the background, and the reason for him being kept away from the eyes and ears of the public is not innocent at all.

Kayleigh McEnany, the press secretary in the White House during the presidency of Trump, implied she knew the exact reason why Jen Psaki, the fill-in in her old job, “circles back” constantly…

She said:

“I always knew where my boss stood. Unlike other press secretaries that maybe didn’t have walk-in privileges to the Oval, I could walk in at any time’’, implying that Psaki might not have the full privileges to Joe Biden!

She continued:

“I always knew where his head was at, so I didn’t have to a ton of circling back because President Trump gave a lot of access to me. He was always willing to take questions, always willing to go to the podium, always willing to stop … on his way to the helicopter. Transparency is what he offered, and Joe Biden vowed transparency. Now he’s set a 100-year record for not going to the podium.”

At the time, Joe Biden has officially set the record in American history – for the longest amount of time a President hasn’t given a single press.

McEnany claims that this was a campaign strategy, but being a candidate and being the actual president of the free world are two very different things.

Yet, hearing this from a person who was not so long ago a press secretary, one cannot avoid asking the question:

Could Psaki pretend to be a bad press secretary, but is a person with limited access instead?

Could she be just playing a role in informing the people that she really has altogether?

What’s more, it is much harder to imagine that he is avoiding Psaki and not the other way around!

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