Here Is The Moment Ted Cruz Fell Asleep During Joe Biden’s Speech

It’s time for a nap

Joe Biden has incredible power. No, he is not using it to make this country a better place to live in. He is using it to make people fall asleep easily.

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The President talked through his Teleprompter and some of the Congressmen didn’t like it at all. Oh, wait, they weren’t even listening. Biden would never say anything smart enough to keep people interested.

Cruz fell asleep. Simple as that. The President’s speech was “boring, but radical.”

The New York Post has more details on Cruz’s nap:

It’s Ted Cruzzz.

Sen. Ted Cruz admitted fighting to stay awake during President Biden’s speech to Congress — blaming the commander-in-chief for being deliberately “boring.”

The Texas Republican was caught on camera Wednesday with his heavy-looking eyes closed during one section of Biden’s speech, struggling to open them, and then swiftly sealing them shut again.

Cruz was quickly ripped online for his tired performance, with former “Star Trek” actor George Takei dubbing him “Sleepy Ted Cruz!” in a riff on former President Donald Trump’s favorite nickname for Biden.

“Looks like Ted’s eyes are hooked up to his state’s power grid,” Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show” tweeted, referring to the blackouts in the Lone Star State during historic winter storms earlier this year.

Numerous memes also popped up suggesting Cruz was dreaming of Cancun, the Mexican resort he flew to with his wife and kids while millions of Texans were without power.

Ted “Snooze” appeared to concede that he did catch a few z’s by retweeting C-Span footage of his siesta along with someone saying, “Ted Cruz literally falling asleep in Biden speech. He is all of us.”

He also on Thursday retweeted a story about him getting “roasted” for his nap, which he blamed on Biden being “boring, but radical.”

“True that,” he wrote.

Cruz made the “boring, but radical” claim in an interview with Fox News, alleging Biden “by design” used “calm and dulcet tones” to make it too hard to focus on his message.

“I challenge you to remember a single line from the speech,” he told the network.

Trump had 47 million watching him. Biden’s ratings went as low as 11.8 million.

Local Fox 8 News reported the following:

President Joe Biden addressed a joint session of Congress on Wednesday in the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol.

Just about all eyes were on the president who addressed a variety of topics during his address, including the American Rescue Plan, COVID-19 vaccination distribution, stimulus checks, food, and rental assistance and more.

While Biden’s speech was interrupted by standing ovations and loud applause throughout the entirety of the address, Sen. Ted Cruz was a little less enthusiastic.

Sen. Cruz, R-Texas, was caught sleeping during Biden’s address.

Video footage shows the senator sleeping then briefly opening his eyes, before dosing off again.

This while Biden briefly addressed the migrant crisis at the border.

Sen. Cruz retweeted some comments on Twitter about sleeping, calling the president “boring.”

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