Here Is How President Trump Roasts Joe Biden For Now Taking The Cognitive Test

The media took every chance to challenge President Donald Trump’s cognitive capacity, even asking him to take a cognitive test.

When he obliged them by being excellent on the test, they changed the narrative.

They said that the test was “too easy.”

Now when it’s Joe Biden’s turn to check and show his cognitive abilities, the media is just letting him off the hook.

But that’s not the case with President Trump!

He publicly mocked Biden for avoiding the test, saying he’d like to see him ace the test, too.

President Trump then went on to ponder how Biden would get along with the first few “easy” questions:

“I think he’s gonna have a hard time with the first few.”

Ronny Jackson, Donald Trump’s former physician, also thinks that Biden should take the test.

Trump gave a shoutout to Ronny Jackson.

Some members of the GOP want Biden to take the test.

Ronny Jackson, former presidential physician, who gave Donald Trump a cognitive test that he “ACED,” has publicly questioned why Biden hasn’t done the same by now.


He, along with others, is still questioning Biden’s lack of a cognitive test.

OANN reports more about Jackson’s comments:

Republican lawmakers have expressed concerns over Joe Biden’s mental state. In an interview on Saturday, Alabama Rep. Jerry Carl (R) said he and his colleague, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), have requested for Biden to take a cognitive test.

Carl said he spoke to Jackson, the former White House physician, about the decline that has been seen in Biden since he took office. This comes after Jackson led a group of 14 Republicans in sending a letter to Biden to take the test and make the results public.

Carl went on to express Biden should stay in office because he is the best thing to happen for the Republican party. The Alabama lawmaker referred to Biden as a good sales pitch.



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