Has The “Kamala Swap” Already Begun?… Rumor Has It, She’s Got An “Ace” Up Her Sleeve

Dems thought of everything.

Biden’s problems lowered his ratings for the 2024 election, no matter who the Republicans will nominate. The Afghanistan disaster and his podium image caused permanent marks, which will cost him the next mandate. But, the Dems know that, and they want to put the Americans in danger to fulfill their political goals.

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In 2024, we won’t have the virus, so Biden will not hide in the basement anymore. The Dems aren’t willing to pass through it, especially after the loss of Congress in 2022. Also, the Dems won’t have Trump as an opponent. The analyst believes that Trump won’t run in 2024. After that, Harris enters as a President. – That’s the plan.

If this turns out to be accurate, then the recent events modified the timetable. Biden’s campaign was supposed to protect him from the public meltdown he had because of Afghanistan. He can’t hide now!

If that is the plan, Biden is aware of that, and he will resign the following spring. If not, then there would probably be Team Biden pushbacks directed at Team Obama/Harris. If Harris uses the 25th, he will be hurt. However, there is a DC rumor that Harris’ veep pick is Michelle Obama.

Biden’s condition is evident, and even his Cabinet knows that. If he still fights for the 25th, he would show how bad he is. But, Jill Biden will get a Cabinet slot in Harris administration.

War of the Roses…. Austin, Blinken, Garland, Haaland, Raimondo, etc., and Harris will be for removal.

The Dems want to put into place the ultimate affirmation action hire.

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