Hank Kunneman: The New COVID-19 Legislation Will Be Ripped In Two!

Pastor Hank Kunnemen with a new prophetic from today, sharing it at his Omaha church service! It was very powerful!

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As always, so this time, you have to hear what he has to say. I won’t paraphrase it or interpret it. No one wants to hear false things and fake news.

He covered a lot of topics in his latest video. In the beginning, he started speaking about the beginning of the shift mentioning a couple of big names! One opportunity for repent was given and remained unused.

According to pastor Hank, many big names will start speaking and confessing their criminal actions, and it will all happen by the conviction of God setting in one them.

He continued speaking about the new legislation and the attempt to be pushed out on the Americans for new masks mandates and lockdowns. However, Hank added that while the authorities wanted to push it through, other people grabbed it to try and rip it in two!

Very soon, this will happen.

Watch the video below:


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