Hank Kunneman: Something “Deep” Is About To Surface, Bust Coming…17th?

Once more, the outstanding pastor reveals much through his teaching!

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Pastor Hank Kunneman does not stop to amuse and teach us right from the nation’s heartland in Omaha, NE!

Pastor Hank, thank you for existing!

This week, he speaks of “the days of Noah”, and we believe you’ll love what he has to say!

He reveals something about the “2nd month” and then the 17th day….does it sound familiar?

“Q” is the 17th letter of the alphabet, but that’s probably just a coincidence.

Yet, he ties together something from the “Deep” (Deep State, maybe?) coming to the surface (exposure? “then highly embarrassing moments as another Snowden arises”) and mentions a bust (or a “big bust” as an arrest is about to happen?)

The story of the Days of Noah is surely amusing, so don’t miss it!

Watch the video of the 9:00 am service first:

Then, move on to the 11:30 am service, which is even more passionate:

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