Hank Kunneman on Flashpoint: “Don’t Back Down, I Am More Confident Than Ever!”

Hank Kunneman is getting bolder over time- watch his latest appearance!

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Hi everyone! I have an announcement for you- you have probably lived in the dark for almost two decades!

Who didn’t? – Pastor Hank, for sure!

I am afraid you don’t know much about him if you doubt it.

Probably no one other than Kim Clement has been more devotedly standing by the Word the LORD gave him than Hank Kunneman, but did you know that these two were actually friends?

To this present day, Pastor Hank is not backing down one inch on the word he gave about President Trump!

We don’t blame him! However, not many of you probably knew that the LORD originally gave him this prophecy back in 2001?

Yes, you can look it up! And all these years, he has been speaking of it!

You might have thought that he invented the whole thing right before the election, but that is absolutely wrong!

Over time, he just gets bolder. This is his latest appearance on Flashpoint a few days ago:

You must see this as well, pastor Hank unfiltered from his Sunday service this week!

Watch the 9 am service from this week:

Don’t miss the 11:30 am service either:

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