Guess The Only State To Reject Federal Funding To Promote COVID-19 Jabs

Will you consider moving to a free state?

Florida and Texas often get the bastion of freedom label from conservative Americans.

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Governors are going against Joe Biden’s mask mandates. They oppose each and every mandate related to the pandemic.

Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott took action against these mandates.

Here’s the catch.

Both states accepted federal funding to push coronavirus jabs to people living there.

Only one state rejected federal funding.

“The Granite State” turned away $27 million in federal funding. Four GOP councilors voted “NO” to federal money.

AP reported this:

New Hampshire’s Executive Council on Wednesday rejected $27 million in federal funds for vaccination outreach, thrilling outspoken activists who previously derailed a public meeting and delayed the vote. Nine were arrested Wednesday after audience members repeatedly interrupted the debate.

Among other things, the money would have allowed the state to hire a public health manager and a dozen workers to promote the COVID-19 vaccine and address public concerns about it.

Opponents argued the grant language would have required the state to comply with any “future directives” issued by the Biden administration regarding COVID-19, such as vaccine mandates. The same language has appeared in other grants accepted by the council, a five-member body that approves state contracts. And it does not in any way impede the state’s sovereignty, said both Attorney General John Formella and Republican Gov. Chris Sununu.

“I appreciate that you have concerns, but they’re based on fantasy,” Sununu told Councilor Joe Kenney.

“You reject these federal dollars, the federal government doesn’t put it in a savings account. … They’re going to send it to New York and California. The dollars are ours, for programs we already implemented,” said Sununu. “So to say no makes no logical sense whatsoever.”

All four of the Republican councilors voted against the grants, including David Wheeler, who urged Sununu to “stand up like the governor of Texas.” Although Sununu plans to join a lawsuit against President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates for private employers, he said he won’t be following the lead of Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott, who on Monday issued an executive order barring private companies or any other entity from requiring vaccines.

“You want the government to tell private businesses who to hire and fire?” Sununu said. “That is completely un-American.”

Sununu’s comments seem to be pretty familiar to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. Sununu doesn’t want to see the government forcing private businesses to hire and fire people. He didn’t support corporations that side with Joe Biden.

From Mediaite:

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) dueled with his fellow Republicans on Wednesday, accusing them of “communism” as they turned down his demand to approve $27 million in federal funding related to Covid-19.

The raucous debate took place at a meeting of the state Executive Council, which holds the power to veto contracts sought by the governor valued at more than $10,000. Sununu was seeking to approve two federal contracts worth $27 million in funding related to Covid-19. The money would have been used for tasks including vaccine outreach and data entry for the state’s immunization system.

Republicans expressed reservations about signing off on the contracts, citing President Joe Biden’s mandate requiring businesses to force their employees to be  vaccinated. They asked Sununu to issue a counter-mandate, but Sununu refused.

COVID-19 jabs are part of the game. Rejecting federal funding to promote jabs is the opposite of communism.

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