GROSS: Texas Democrat Shows Off Her Underwear in Bizarre Tweet That is Brutally Mocked

Is this for real?!

People from Texas need to rethink their choices, as the ones they elected into power seem the worst ones ever!

Namely, a group of Texas state lawmakers fled their state on a booze-filled private jet to avoid voting on a “voter integrity bill” involving voter ID – an issue approved by most Americans.

The group headed for the DC Swamp, where they remain, not intending to come home, and while there, they’re collecting a piece $221 dollar per day stipend.

Therefore, they are now getting some serious backlash, and the move of one Texas “Cat Lady” infuriated many!

To show how “hard” she’s working, she keeps posting photos of her underwear online!

Check it out:

 “You bet we’re recognizing & honoring our country’s heritage. As most Texans, tho, this is what we’re doing tonight—using whatever is accessible, uwashing our clothes in the sink. #txlege


Here is what people online have to say about it:

“First it was kinkos, now we’re finding out laundromats are also hard to access”

“This is a super strange tweet — but as you know, you wouldn’t have to do this if you were at home in Texas doing your job. “

“We have washing machines here. You flew here on a chartered private plane. You can figure it out I’m sure.”

“Maybe she is rural. Washing machines and copiers are probably foreign to her.”

“What’s up with the granny panties, Donna?”

“We are in awe of your sacrifice. I cannot even fathom how you are staying strong through these difficult times. A true hero.”

“This is what poor people do when they can’t afford a washing machine or even the laundromat. That’s if they have access to running water. You have it so hard. I’m sorry this is happening to you.”

“There are no laundromats or fluff and fold service in a large city like DC? So bizarre. See this one time my washing machine broke so I took my clothes to this big store with lots of washers and dryers and I put quarters and soap in and solved the problem.”

“You get $221/day per diem buy new underwear”

“I can walk two blocks to a laundromat and have them wash, dry, and fold my clothes in like 3 hours for $.75/lb. How is this not a bit?”

This is a perfect example of a giant PR stunt gone from bad to worse.

It’s high time these Dems went home, cut their losses, and faced the taxpayers!



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