GOP Lawmaker Accuses Garland Of Using FBI To ‘Police Speech At School Board Meetings’

During Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, the republicans were perfectly prepared and attacked Attorney General Merrick Garland, who remained silent on almost every question.

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All of the members were brilliant while questioning Attorney General Merrick Garland. Every one of them was perfectly prepared and organized to ask precisely the right questions to discover the significant fraud happening in the US.

But, Garland was so unprepared that he remained silent on all questions. Basically, he didn’t answer either one question. He was very dim and clumsy and didn’t want to speak about the Biden regime catastrophe!

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) even accused AG Merrick garland of attempting to use the FBI to police speech at school board meetings.

Many representatives accused Garland of committing crimes in collaboration with the school board members.

Probably he wants to protect the members and silence the parents who rebel against their decisions.

Watch the following video.

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