Global Warming? Not For Pelosi! She Bought A $25 Million Mansion In Florida!

Global Warming what? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to live in the state she has destroyed, so she purchased a $25 million mansion in Florida!

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Citizen Free Press announced that the White House Speaker, the corrupted Nancy Pelosi, decided to buy a house in Florida. Of course, she saw the catastrophe she created in California, and she ran from the crime scene!

Liberty First covered this story. This is what they have to share:

Is Nancy Pelosi tired of California and its high cost of living? Is Nancy happier being in a state run by Republican Ron DeSantis than her home state of California run by Democrat Gavin Newsom?

Was Nancy thrown out of California? Maybe Nancy likes the beautiful beaches in Florida? Or our lack of a state income tax? Or our Governor DeSantis and his pro-family, pro-business and pro-growth policies?

Is Nancy planning on retiring from Congress soon and then moving to Florida permanently?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene commented on this ‘’shocking’’ news:

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