”Get Your Sh*t Together!” – Is Trump The Author Of Dan Scavino’s Tweet For The Military?’

The former President Trump wrote Dan Scavino’s tweet!

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The US Military wrote a tweet to Tucker Carlson, Fox News host, because he questioned the US government and the “woke” military direction.

The Fox News host only commented on Biden’s report about maternity uniforms for fighter pilots. The current President, Biden, commented publicly on a nationally televised promotion of two female Generals. The foolish “woke” thing was the discussion topic and not their professional excellence.

Carlson argued that the US military isn’t focusing on China’s massive navy expansion but on “woke issues.” His arguments hold water.

The US Marine Corps’ official account tweeted a message to Carlson, calling him a boomer.

A Boomer is an older American term from the “Baby Boom” generation. The tweet attached a video where a commander is very unprofessional and attacks Tucker.

Following this tweet, the Marine Corps apologized because they faced backlash for attacking Tucker.
This is embarrassing.

Dan Scavino is the right-hand of former President Trump, and he issued a blistering statement referring to the “woke” military. Tucker advised them to get their sh*t together in the tweet!

Moreover, if we think logically, this tweet wrote Trump. It is very like him!

Below you can see what Scavino tweeted.

It is incredible how the left’s woke “cancel culture” and “political correctness” allowed what the conservatives prohibited.

Currently, American schools are heaven for PC Marxism. There are public libraries by Drag Queen Story Hours, and Evangelical churches make gay marriages; everything is upside down.

We, as conservatives, should lower our heads because we allow this. The conservatives cannot conserve the favorite, and the military follows the same woke fate.

We are responsible for this event, and we must fight to show America the right way!

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