Gen Flynn Receives Rifle As Gift And Says: “Maybe It Will Find Someone In DC”

Gen Flynn delivered a strong speech

Flynn showed up at the Church of Glad Tidings in Yuba, California. People were honored to have him and they asked him to deliver a speech.

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In his strong speech, Gen. Flynn called out the deep state. He had some strong words for the military industrial security complex for profiting from the sacrifice of American soldiers.

Flynn didn’t stop here. He criticized the CIA and FBI for their corruption. Instead of protecting people, the Bureau and CIA protect the interests of elite members in this society.

It was a bold speech and Flynn received a camouflaged riffle as a gift. One of the members of the church thought this was a good gift. Flynn joked that “maybe it will find someone in DC.”

Watch this video:

Liberals saw it and called him a terrorist. It looks like they didn’t get the joke. They never do.

Some guys went that far to call for Glad Tidings to have their tax exemption revoked.

NBC has more:

In a video posted on Twitter, Flynn is seen on stage with a group of people. A man also standing on stage says he is giving Flynn the gun because “we were trying to come up with a rifle that we thought was appropriate for a general, so we went with an old-school Woodland camouflage … one of our top-quality guns.”

Flynn responds, “Maybe I’ll find somebody in Washington, D.C.” The crowd laughs.

The video appears to have been livestreamed on the church’s website and then removed; it was saved by Twitter users who then shared it.

The Church of Glad Tidings in Yuba City, California, hosted Flynn on July 16, according to an event posting on Facebook by Dave Bryan, a pastor at the church.

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