Gen. Flynn: COVID Was A PLANNED Conspiracy To Divert Attention And Steal An Election!

General Flynn fires back

He spoke in the name of every decent American out there. We felt it. This wonderful man had the courage to come out and say it. He did a wonderful job and we respect it…

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Flynn is probably the first high-profile person to say this. It’s time to break the ice!

“Michael Flynn said today that covid was a conspiracy to control the American people and divert attention away from stealing the election. He said it is not a problem in the rest of world, and he doesn’t worry about it because he has been taking hydroxychloroquin for 30 years.”

Yes, he literally said this was planned a long time ago.

Some people were really desperate and they used their free time to plot something like this. One can never underestimate desperate people.

They gave us hell and we are still living in it. We are fed up with this plannedemic. They did this just because they couldn’t control all the people who support Donald Trump.

Here’s what our amazing Gen. Flynn said:

Twitter will probably delete this, so please, feel free to watch it on Rumble.

Here’s another Rumble piece.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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