Gavin Newsom Caught On a TikTok Video Breaking COVID-19 Restrictions!!!

Again, Gavin Newsom was caught on a TikTok video breaking the restrictions that he has imposed!

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Gavin Newsom, a Democratic Governor, dined inside a restaurant in Fresno, California. The government doesn’t allow this!
The restaurants can only serve outside because indoor dining is prohibited!

A TikTok video and numerous pictures have leaked from the restaurant in California.
He is at the purple tier area, which means that COVID cases are increasing. At those places, indoor dining, bars, breweries have prohibition! Only the wineries can serve outdoor service!

Newsom is the one who implied all the coronavirus restrictions. And precisely he is the one breaking them.
There is a video where you can clearly see, Newsom is with the anti-Trump comedian George Lopez.

As a cherry on the pie, Lopes doesn’t wear a mask! They aren’t even keeping social distance!!!

Chief Andre Gruel is an influential restaurateur in Los Angeles. He said that Newsom did dine and drink at the restaurant, concluding from the photos. Those who saw the picture say that the table had pitchers or water limes/ margaritas.

Many people asked for Newsom’s resignation on Twitter, and Gruel is one of them!

His supporters, and the spokesman from his office, said that he didn’t dine at the restaurant. He was there to see and talk to the restaurant’s owner.

Because they don’t like Newsom’s work, some California residents started a petition.

Residents collected 1,825,000 signatures.

In case Newsom quits, Richard Grenell may run for California’s governor!

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