Gavin Must Be Pulling Out His “Perfect Hair” After Hearing The Latest Recall News

Governor Fancy Hair is living his worst nightmare!

It seems that California is in trouble, and exciting things are happening there. We aren’t talking about the forest fire or Gavin’s global warming.

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We are talking about the recall to eliminate Gavin Newsome, so the terror will stop.

The latest poll shared that Gavin is in trouble! Red State shared that a solid poll that isn’t by the slated PPIC appeared.

San Francisco Gate shared that the last poll was shared in May, showing that the opposition to the recall beating support for the recall by double digits. However, Emerson College and Nexstar Media’s Inside California Politics poll shared a close race.

Recall support among the respondents was 43%, and opposition was 48%, and 9% of the voters were undecided.
Emerson’s poll shared prior to this one had recall support 38%, and opposition 42%.

There is a considerable narrowing in the last months, and a 4% point gap isn’t hard to bridge. His Hairfulness isn’t doing any favors. No one will get an advantage by creating new bills to combat retail crime, which is necessary for his repeal of Prop. 46, and that is what started this mess in the beginning.

Newson believes that the bright, shiny, vaccine lotteries objects and cash will force people to forget about the lost business, livelihoods, etc.

The water restrictions that he imposed on farmers in the midst of a drought dropped his ratings to 49%, and according to PPIC, it was 52% in February.

Red state emphasized the results of the poll. The red flag for Newsom was the poll’s question.

“Regardless of the recall effort, would you vote to re-elect Gov. Newsom in 2022 or do you think it is time for someone new?” where 58% of voters whopping wanted a new one, and 42% were happy with him. Newsom blanketed the airwaves with advertisements compared the recall to the January 6 Capitol riot.

Gavin: ‘’We’re just not that into you. Not that we ever were.’’

Furthermore, there were numbers that shared which candidates are leading in the run for Newsom’s place.
Larry Elder, the conservative radio host, got 16% support and will find his name on the ballot after a late entry to the race.

Kevil Faulconer and John Cox also tied for a few moments with 6% support apiece.

Gov. Hair Gel is panicking. His emails are commenting on this poll, and he was asking for $3.00 donations and warned the audience: “There is absolutely NO WAY we can turn this state over to a Fox News personality or Caitlyn Jenner.”

You have to expect more lockdowns as the September election date is approaching!

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