Funny: Nobody Greeted Kamala Harris When She Arrived In Oakland!

America’s Vice President, Kamala Harris, returned to her hometown of Oakland, and surprisingly nobody was there to greet her.

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Is this something that she should be embarrassed about?

One video from a local news agency emerged showing that no one was in the streets awaiting Harris.
You probably know that if Trump came to Oakland, the entire city’s population would be in the streets awaiting him!

Poor police officers, they must do their job, so they were paid to be next to Kamala Harris! Below you can see another footage of her escort who presents precisely the same thing.

The Gateway Pundit shared more details.

”Kamala Harris traveled to Oakland, California on Monday in her first visit to her hometown since Inauguration Day.

Harris traveled to the Bay Area to tour a water treatment facility to promote Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal.

Virtually no supporters showed up to greet Kamala Harris…in her own hometown – but she got 81 million votes.”

Let’s be honest, she didn’t try to sneak back into Oakland. Harris’s trip was announced on numerous social media platforms and accounts, as well as on different outlets.

However, we can conclude that Oakland’s citizens don’t care if Kamala is back or not. She won’t solve their problems.

CBS San Francisco reported about the purpose of Kamala Harris’s trip and shared the details you will read further.

”Kamala Harris was in her hometown of Oakland Monday, returning to the Bay Area to promote the Biden administration’s American Jobs Plan and the need to rebuild the country’s water delivery infrastructure.

Air Force Two arrived at Oakland International Airport from Los Angeles just before 10 a.m. She was greeted at the airport by Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis, Senator Alex Padilla — who filled the Senate seat Harris vacated with her election — and Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

She discussed how the new American Jobs Plan would provide an investment of more than $111 billion in the country’s water infrastructure to ensure it’s safe and equitable.”

If my opinion matters, Kamala should have visited the Southern Border and try to solve the crisis. Visiting Oakland to talk about infrastructure would bring her negative points and worsen the already bad situation.

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