Friendly Reminder, The Storm IS Still Coming! This Week?

Big week for us all

This video was sent by our great friends, and you really need to watch it. Yes, it’s both inspiring and scary. But, it has to be scary, otherwise, some people wouldn’t get the point.

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Donald Trump did his best to stop one of the worst nightmares our country has gone through. He tried really hard to stop child sex trafficking and yes, he is coming back to finish the job. As always.

Watch this video and tell us what you think. You remembered all the great things he did while in office, right?

Trump is really calm and well aware of his determination. The voter fraud had nothing on him. It motivated him to try even harder this time.

Our great President has a plan and we can’t wait for the storm to come.

Bo Polny has been warning the nation for over a year. According to him, we should pay more attention to April 23-26. We will witness a breakthrough that will change our world completely. This is the storm we need to get out of the mess. It’s the storm of JUSTICE.

Trump is coming back and he will expose the big fraud. There’s no room for cover-ups right now.

He will expose corruption and child sex trafficking, triggering an avalanche of arrests.

Watch the video on Rumble and get ready for the Storm. Watch the monsters go down the drain.

Timothy Dixon talked about the three great whirlwinds. He talked about the STORM.

Important update!

The video is no longer available on Rumble and this may be a matter of yet another censure. Here’s some good news. You can watch it on Telegram.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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