French Vaccine Expert Professor Christian Perronne – Vaccinated More At-Risk From Variants And Should Quarantine

It’s a warning…

The mainstream media and the far-left keep poisoning us with their narrative. There’s something shady about the whole pandemic thing. People won’t bite into their theories and no, we won’t listen to the so-called expert named Dr. Fauci.

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Liberals are going after the “unvaccinated fools” and blame them for every problem in this country. They say unvaccinated Americans are responsible for the spread of the Delta variant.

They want us to be afraid of the COVID-19 hysteria.

What about unapproved COVID-19 vaccines? Democrats say these jabs are safe and efficient. No, they aren’t! People were left paralyzed and some of them died.

Real experts decided to warn the world about the terrible narrative.

French vaccine expert Professor Christian Perronne has something to say about unvaccinated people. According to him, vaccinated individuals are more prone to the variants.

His biography is available on eMedEvents.

Here’s his statement:

What an irony… Karma finds its way back.

Imagine putting vaccinated individuals into quarantine since they are threat to unvaccinated citizens. A wild turn of events, huh? The mainstream media will never say Fauci was wrong. He keeps pushing his false rhetoric.

The video is available on Rumble.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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