French Businesses Are REFUSING To Enforce COVID-19 Vaccine Passports

We should learn from the French how to win the battle against the Orwellian vaccine passports. It requires teamwork from the population and business to refuse to respect the tyrants and their edicts and rules.

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Citizens must bankrupt businesses playing along with the policies. But businesses can ignore the government’s constant intimidation.

If people play together to defy Medical Jim Crow, citizens can stop the vaccine passports in a blink of an eye.

Precisely that happened in Moscow, Russia, and now it is happening in France.

Businessmen don’t want to enforce Macron’s mandates. Watch the latest development below:

Non-compliance is the way how it is done.

The politicians seeking power can’t arrest us all! That’s why the collaboration between the customers and business people will defeat the policy in a breeze.

France is centuries above us and is in the right direction.

Summit News reported:

As we highlighted last week, on the first day the new program was in place, police were visibly patrolling bars and cafes demanding customers show proof they’ve had the jab.

However, this seems to have largely been a bluff as just days later, businesses and venues have become very lax at checking people’s papers despite the threat of large fines.

“I decided to do a simple experiment to find out: always present an expired test even though I had a valid negative one, and see what happens,” writes Hearn.

“Over a four day stay I was required to show a valid pass exactly zero times; that includes at the airports in both directions. Compliance is absolutely min viable and often lower.”

“At small businesses enforcement was non-existent: sometimes the pass requirement was ignored entirely, other times we were asked “do you have a pass” and our answer wasn’t checked. One restaurant had come up with a clever way to detect police stings without requiring customers to actually present a pass. As expected, enforcement was stricter by larger firms, however even there we saw the following:

– Test certificates being checked once and then swapped for a token that doesn’t expire.
– Expired tests being accepted.
– People accepting paper test certificates without scanning them.
– Scanning tests and then not looking at the screen to see the results.
– Accepting QR codes that failed to scan.”

Hearn also reveals how mask mandates in theme parks and other venues are also not being followed, despite signs everywhere ordering people to cover their faces, while social distancing is also a “forgotten memory.”

Images showing empty cafes and bars on the first day the system was introduced may have spooked venues into taking a hands off approach.

In passing the law but failing to ensure that it is enforced, France is following the same model as Israel, where the point of introducing the system wasn’t really to enforce it, but merely as a means of bullying young people into getting the vaccine.

As we highlighted last week, despite the odious and draconian nature of the vaccine passport system, President Macron asserted that the it was actually introduced to protect people’s “freedom,” which is like saying putting you in prison is for your own safety.

Liberal cities Americans have to look at France as an example! The covid passports are already implemented in NYC, LA, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Those who love their freedom have to raise their voice.

If that becomes the norm, it will represent the start of a dark spiral towards a Chinese-style social credit score system.

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