FOX NEWS: There Are Whispers In D.C. About How To “Fill A Vacant VP Spot”

There’s tension between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Did you know about this?

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There are so many rumors about it, and even CNN had a story about it.

Harris has the main role in this particular piece. She is the “number two.” Harris feels sidelined and ready for another failure. We all know that Harris is really insecure at her position. She has great power at the moment but she hardly uses it. Moreover, this lady acts really insecure and awkward.

Imagine her sitting at Biden’s desk. Imagine her listening to his nonsense. Truth is, Harris and Biden are the last people to lead this country.

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec has been discussing the “share war” between the so-called President and Harris for quite some time. His sources reveal that there is a huge distrust and dislike between Biden and Harris. Enter Jill Biden. She seems to be in charge of the whole situation.

Harris and Biden continue their little drama, and Jen Psaki even complimented the Vice President.

This leads us back to the rumors about Harris’ departure. I guess Biden knows how to get rid of her.

Fox News reported on this. Jesse waters was the one delivering the breaking news.

There are rumors suggesting that there will be high-level confirmation hearings in the House. We all know that the House doesn’t confirm normal nominees. But, they do confirm the Vice President of the US.

Is this somehow related to Harris?

Her poll numbers are horrible. Biden doesn’t like her. Is she on his way out?

Why would they even try to get rid of her? The mid-terms are here… There are dark clouds above Harris’ head. Maybe they just want to take full control over the situation.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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