Fox News Host Steve Hilton Notices Something Very Curious About Two Photos With Joe And Boris

Photos that don’t have any sense.

The Dems are explaining science all the time. However, the version they are presenting is bizarre and nonsense. Precisely that is the crux of the problem regarding the COVID-19 pandemic that Biden caused.

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According to their science, the kids wear masks during the entire day, and the natural immunity is nothing. But the vaccines that are making people sick are mandated and will cause immunity better than the natural ones.

First, they feared us, and now, they tell us not to be afraid.

You can’t forget how the elites live their best lives without masks, attending significant events with servants who are the third-class peasants on the Titanic.

Precisely that emphasized Fox News host Steve Hilton in his meeting with Boris Jonson and Joe Biden. Hilton tweeted two photos of Boris and Joe, where one photo shows these two sitting apart, with masks.

The second picture is from two men without masks.

Below you can read what Steve said: “when you’re seated apart, the virus is incredibly dangerous, even when you’re both vaccinated, so you MUST WEAR A MASK, but when you’re standing close together, you’re completely safe! that’s just SCIENCE, folks”

Read the online comments:

“This is so funny, blows their NARRATIVE completely, Biden-Harris are not being honest to American people.”

“Rules for thee but not for me-with Biden/Whitehouse staff-Hollywood elites/Emmy’s & parties/Pelosi/Newsome/Kerry/Harris & the list goes on.”

“If it was as scary and deadly as they claim they would not even be in the same area. They claim it to be the death plague but they act like it’s a cold. Wait this just in – it’s from the same family as cold viruses .”

“Politics isn’t real life folks. Not even close. It’s a Made-For-TV movie. And not a very good one.
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