Fox News Claims They Caught A Mass Release Of Single Adult Immigrant Males Being Released Into The U.S.

The latest report says that numerous immigrants could enter the USA via the unmarked office in a Texas parking lot.

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Fox News reported that in Brownsville, Texas, a few federally hired buses left dozens of mostly male migrants, and their cameras could record this.

It’s the same as when the Customs and Border Patrol released its December numbers. Approximately 179,000 encounters were in December, up from November.

The total number reached 2 million of these things that happened last year.

Also, many single men were taken through a Border patrol drop-off place, reported Fox.

“Fox saw men go into a small, unmarked office, then come out again a few minutes later. Multiple taxis then came to pick up the migrants, who were then taken to the nearby Harlingen Airport. There were no children or families who had moved from their home country in the groups, “ the report stated.

Fox discovered that some immigrants crossed the border once they paid $2,000 per person to the people who worked for criminal cartels.

Some people said that they were on their way to Houston and Atlanta.

Brownsville citizens spoke to Fox and stated that their Office of Emergency Management was helping migrants to reach their final destinations. According to their statement, the garage represented a staging area for migrants to get health checks and information about the directions and how to get around.

CBP officials stated they weren’t involved, but an immigration and Customs Enforcement source stated that the agency was probably involved.

Biden destroyed all the border security measures that Trump started!

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