Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Owner Just Took Out Brutal Full-Page Newspaper Ad To Shame Joe Biden

Ex-NFL owner knows Achilles’ heel of his enemy!

America is wounded because of Biden’s decisions and their consequences. The Southern border is flooded with migrants, and the hell is unleased in Afghanistan. The worst nightmare became a reality.

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America lost 13 service members, and approximately 200 people died at the airport. Everything happened because of Biden’s decision and his incapability to lead an empire. It’s a disaster. We are better than the person whom we were supposed to call the president.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers ex-owner thinks this too, and he put the money where his mouth is. He shared a full page in the Wall Street Journal to criticize Biden.

Ted Cruz shared a photo of it.

Only eight months have passed since he is in office, and he already turned everyone against him.

Now we know that the election was a fraud!

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