Former Gov. Cuomo Aide Hints At Serious Trouble Coming For Brother Chris In Mysterious Tweet

Chris Cuomo has to give us answers

This cryptic tweet will seal his destiny.

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Remember Lindsey Boylan? The former aide accused Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment.

Boylan took to Twitter to blast Andrew’s brother Chris.

Cuomo used his power to destroy the former aide. This doesn’t fit the #MeToo thing Chris pushed on the poor show.

Here’s more…

Boylan says that Chris is in a big trouble. She knows the truth.

She wrote this:

“Precursor: @ChrisCuomo used all his power, absolutely all his power (@cnn), to smear & try to destroy me. (In ways you haven’t heard). Sad. Curious minds would ask: is it bc he loves his brother or bc he also harassed & assaulted women. I’m not curious. I already know.”

Are you even shocked?

There have been so many rumors about Chris’ “sexual misconduct.”

Now is the perfect time to destroy him, right?

His famous brother got away with murder. Liberals will cover this one too. Maybe they will come up with another fake story.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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