FNC’s Chris Wallace Praises Biden: ‘He Is Not Getting Pushed Around by the Left’

Chris Wallace has words of praise for US President Joe Biden

Wallace praised Bigen Friday on “America’s Newsroom” for “not getting pushed around by the left” on student loan forgiveness and other popular topics. According to Wallace, this “puts him more in the center.”

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Anchor Bill Hemmer asked, “How would you size up the first month of the Biden presidency, the good and the bad?”

Wallace responded, “I think surprisingly good, has been how disciplined he has been. You know, those of us who covered Joe Biden for a while know that he makes gaffes, he says things he doesn’t want to, goes down various paths. There hasn’t been much of that under President Biden. He has been very focused and disciplined in terms of his activities, in terms of his messages, and he really has kept to the idea that COVID, the public health aspect and economic aspect is job one. ”

He said, “Where I think you can give him some negative marks, conservatives won’t like his agenda, but he won. They won’t like all the executive orders, but he won. You know, there has been some mixed messaging — not so much gaffes but mixed messaging when it comes to the vaccine, when will we go back to normal, when will vaccines available, when will schools reopen?”

He added, “Given the fact he is a liberal Democrat, I suspect that most people — the people that voted for him are pretty pleased. I will say one thing that I was impressed by in the town hall on CNN this week. He is not getting pushed around by the left. There has been a push by AOC and Bernie Sanders for $50,000 debt forgiveness for school. He said flat out I’m not doing it. On the minimum wage, he is clear he probably won’t push for that. I wonder if the people at the White House don’t think getting pushed from the left puts him more in the center, which is not a bad place to be in American politics.”

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Source: Breitbart


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