Florida woman arrested after taunting and threatening FBI on TikTok for trying to question her about the Capitol riot

Police officers arrested a woman after she taunted the FBI

The Department of Justice confirmed on Friday that Suzanne Kaye of Boca Raton got arrested after threatening the FBI. The woman threatened to shoot down FBI agents who might come to her house to question her about her role in the Capitol riots. This information was confirmed in an official statement.

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The Bureau contacted Kaye on Jan. 28 after receiving an anonymous tip related to Kaye’s recent Facebook post about her presence at the Capitol protests. Kaye denied the information, adding that she knows a few people who protested in the building. She even agreed to speak to them and gave her address.

Kaye gave a different account of her interaction with FBI agents in the video that ended up on her “ANGRY Patriot Hippie” Facebook page.

“Hi friends. I’m here to let you know I need to drink. Just got a call from the FBI. They want to come talk to me about my visit to D.C. on January 6th,” said Kaye on the video while taking a swig of Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire.

“I’m an American. I know my f***ing rights,” she continued.

“My First Amendment rights to free speech, my Second Amendment right to carry a gun, to shoot your f***ing ass if you come to my house. So f*** you!” Kaye concluded.

The statement didn’t reveal whether prosecutors believed the woman had been present at the Capitol or if she had only protested prior to the riots.

The 59-year-old was charged “with making a communication in interstate commerce that threatened to kill agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).”

Her federal public defender, Kristy Militello, revealed that the First Amendment protected her client’s comments. Militello shared the update in an email to the Miami New Times.

“We will vigorously defend Ms. Kaye’s First Amendment right to express herself on social media and against this alleged crime,” Militello said. “We look forward to presenting her defense at the appropriate time in court.”

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Source: DOJ

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