FINALLY! The Proof That We Were Searching For! Biden’s Mental Health’s WORSENED! WATCH

The situation isn’t very shiny. This person has to go into a nursing home!

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After he stole the 2020 election, Biden reached the crucial point not to have numerous press conferences. Since the beginning, the reporters wanted to ask Biden about the Ukraine business dealing, the Southern Border situation, and his opinion on the case with Israel. But, the journalists couldn’t ask those questions. Only censured ones were allowed.

However, besides that practice, Biden still fumbles his words, stumbles while walking, and now, the cherry on the top, forgets where he is!

Biden discussed his outrageous $6 trillion budget proposal at the Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland. His latest intention was to strip the budget from canceling student debt. Biden still thinks that it was a brilliant idea to talk to students about the amount of debt he plans on putting their generation in.

“Now is the time to build (upon) the foundation that we’ve laid to make bold investments in our families and our communities and our nation,” Biden stated in Cleveland. “We know from history that these kinds of investments raise both the floor and the ceiling over the economy for everybody.”

It is the part where Biden forgets what he’s talking about! Then, he stumbled around the podium, trying to realize where he is at.

Perhaps Biden had some idea what his talking points were, so he decided to go off-scrip. We must say that this has happened a couple of times before, and the result was embarrassing. In a search for his bearing, Biden somehow noted that within 15 years, every hospital would be filled with Alzheimer’s patients.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the end. Out President continued to talk about DARPA. But, one problem is that he doesn’t even know what DRAPA stands for.

According to him, DRAPA is” Defense Applied Application Research”! Well, the real answer is Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

There hasn’t been a whole year since he’s the U.S. President, and Biden has already proved his mental instability. Bear in mind that the man who got more than 80 million votes is the Democrat’s response to America’s division.

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