Federal Workers: Stay Home And Get $1,400 Per Week!!! House COVID Relief Bill Will Pay! Don’t Wait For A $1,400 Stimulus Check!!! 

COVID Relief Bill weights $1.9 trillion. It will pay federal workers to stay at their homes with their children who don’t attend in-classroom instructions. 

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Forbes said that the House COVID relief package includes something special for federal workers. They will receive a paid time off to stay in their houses, to be with their children who don’t attend in-classroom instruction. 

The rest of us wait for a one-time stimulus payment of $1,400 because we deal with employment and tending to kids we don’t teach from home. 

Federal workers who struggle with the same conditions are privileged to a $570 million family leave account. 

Only those federal employees who are unable to work can have access to this sum of money. They are privileged because they care for their children that don’t attend school full time. Federal workers are just like the rest of us, but their funds can exceed what we can expect!

Forbes writes that full-time federal employees will get 600 hours in paid leave until September 30. They will get paid $35 per hour or $1,400 per week. If we count, a full-time employee will get 15 weeks free. A part-time and “seasonal” employees are also eligible. 

The federal workers will get paid leave for three and a half months, $1,400 a week. And we need to think of our one-time payment of $1,400 that the same House of Congress authorized. 

According to Fox Business, those federal employees whose children attend private schools will not receive the help. But, this bill isn’t clear for many other qualifiers. 

The bill wording is “sloppy,” and it doesn’t say the kids’ age limit.  

Furthermore, the bill doesn’t say whether children who study in schools that use hybrid setups would qualify for the paid time off. 

Middle-Class Attack!

If this bill passes, it will be a clear example of bureaucrats taking care of their own but “tossing out scraps to the plebeians.”

They have already lowered the bar once they offered $1,400 payments to the Americans. 

Biden told that a stimulus check of $2,000 would be sent right after his win, moments before Georgia runoffs. 

Those people are still waiting!!! The amount Biden promised to give now is 30% lower. 

Democrats even attempted to shift income thresholds, disqualifying numerous people from the latest round of $1,400 stimulus check. 

The positive thing here is that they backed away from the proposal. According to Biden, the rest of us should be grateful for the bones that they’re throwing at us. 

Biden doesn’t care for the people and the American citizens! 

Fox Business wrote: 

“They were hoping the Senate, where changes seem likely, would follow quickly enough to have legislation on President Joe Biden’s desk by mid-March.”

The only thing we have left is our hope! We hope that the President and Congress will start to do their job seriously!

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