FDA APPROVED? Look At How Many FDA Approved Drugs Had To Later Be REMOVED

The FDA approved Pfizer, but…

The Food and Drug Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made a mistake on so many occasions. Remember all the funding issues?

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We give you the list of drugs approved by the FDA which were later withdrawn because of their ineffectiveness or due to safety concerns.

Some medication which had the FDA approval ended up to be such a failure.

The most interesting part comes when you realize that it takes years to detect these problems. COVID-19 vaccines were ready for use within a year.

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The Project on Government Oversight wrote this about the government funded agency, and there’s also a full copy of their findings (here):

The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) questionable oversight of a blockbuster blood thinner raises serious concerns about whether the agency is failing in its role to keep consumers safe, according to a report published today by the Project On Government Oversight.

POGO’s report describes a long series of questionable calls the FDA has made in its oversight of Pradaxa, a new-generation blood thinner that has been named in thousands of “adverse event” reports, including cases involving patient deaths. Some of the most alarming issues include the FDA’s handling of the clinical trial used to win Pradaxa’s approval.

POGO found that dozens of doctors the FDA had cited for violating standards in prior clinical trials, including repeat and even three-time offenders, were allowed to enroll and monitor patients in the Pradaxa trial. That was par for the course; the agency has taken a toothless approach to doctors who violate standards of clinical trials, disqualifying only 26 out of thousands in the realm of drug evaluation over a 10-year period, POGO found.

The New York Post reported that two senior vaccine officials resigned from the FDA right after Pfizer was approved:

Two senior officials have resigned from their positions within the US Food and Drug Administration over frustrations with the Biden administration’s plans to move forward with recommending COVID-19 booster shots without their prior approval, according to a report.

Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research & Review, and deputy director Phil Krause are set to leave the agency this fall, with sources telling Politico that the two officials were at odds with the FDA’s top vaccine official, Peter Marks, and were discontented over the roles of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in decisions that they believed should be handled by the FDA.

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