FBI Releases Docs in Heat of Capitol Riot That Show Pelosi’s Communist Roots Run Deep

A trove of documents has been released by The Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding Nancy Pelosi’s father Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. 

The files were quietly uncovered in a time when America was concentrated on the crisis that happened in Washington, and reveal that Pelosi’s father had deep, undeniable ties to communists.

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One of the uncovered things was that D’Alesandro Jr., who was a member of Congress and mayor of Baltimore, had connections to communist organizations, with a Soviet front group among them.

John Solomon, an investigative reporter, looked closely into the files and discovered the most revealing passages on Just the News:

“Elsewhere, the memo cites a “confidential source, who has furnished reliable information in the past,” reporting that D’Alesandro appeared onstage at a 1943 rally for the National Council of American-Soviet Friendship, which was formed in 1943 by the Communist Party USA as a Soviet front group, according to the FBI.

The following year, the memo notes, D’Alesandro was reported as the main speaker at an event for the International Workers Order, an insurance organization placed on a list of subversive organizations by the U.S. attorney general in 1947 and later disbanded by order of the New York State Insurance Department for being too closely aligned with the Communist Party, in violation of regulations prohibiting political activity in the industry.”

The files also at some point indicate serious corruption:

“In the same memo, which begins on page 38 of the collection, the agent summarizes allegations that a powerful D’Alesandro took payoffs from applicants to the police force, and that he helped to hinder the investigation and prosecution of crimes.”

In an NPR interview on “Understanding Nancy Pelosi,” “Pelosi” author Molly Ball only presents half the story about Pelosi’s Baltimore roots:

“One of her mentors earlier in her career, Jack Murtha, used to say about her, don’t think she’s from San Francisco. She’s from Baltimore. And that’s both literally true and true in a deeper sense, right? Her father was a congressman from Baltimore and then became the mayor of Baltimore. He came out of the machine politics of Baltimore, a Democratic city. She was born in 1940 when her father was already in Congress. So literally from the day she was born, she was part of this very Catholic, very Democratic, very Italian family that was involved in the political life of the city and the nation.

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And that machine politics, as you know from Philadelphia, was very much about the sort of tribes and factions of the city. The different ethnicities all had their own little neighborhoods, and they all had a sort of boss who could deliver their votes, often in exchange for something. So when you see the kind of deal-maker that Nancy Pelosi is, when you see the kind of negotiating that she does on Capitol Hill, I think a lot of it does trace back to her roots in Baltimore.”

It seems that the surroundings and circumstances that shaped Nancy Pelosi’s drive for power were one part radicalism and one part machine politics. It is quite clear and logical.

The speaker herself has taken positions showing her support for Communists. She lionized an open socialist named Vivian Hallinan in the 1980s, describing her as a “role model”, believe it or not. Cliff Kincaid wrote in a story from 2009:

“Indeed, Pelosi paid tribute to Vivian Hallinan by inserting into the Congressional Record an article saying that she had ‘opposed U.S. policy in Central America’ under President Reagan, had ‘befriended Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua’s [Communist] Sandinista leader,’ and had met with Cuban dictator Castro.”

“She was a role model for many of us,” Pelosi stated. “If Vincent was the lion, Vivian was the lioness.”

“My mother and Nancy were pretty close,” Conn Hallinan, one of her sons, told reporters. Vivian Hallinan would financially support one of Pelosi’s campaigns.

As Kincaid explains:

“Vincent Hallinan, a lawyer who died in 1992, was a founding member of the San Francisco chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, officially designated a front of the Communist Party, and defended secret Communist Party member and labor leader Harry Bridges.”

Hallinan ran for president on the ticket of the Progressive Party. California State Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities described it as, “a creature of the Communist apparatus, and completely dominated by the Communist Party from start to finish.”

This causes even more doubts about the true personality of Nancy Pelosi.

Apparently, it’s the kind that refuses to reject socialism. Rather than that, she refuses to admit that the oppressive ideology is the mainstream view of the Democratic Party.

Nancy Pelosi knows better, judging from her past.

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