FBI Raids Project Veritas To Seize Ashley Biden’s Diary – Here Is The Ugly Story Many Believe Is In It

The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas

It’s an undercover reporting agency that targets corrupt Democrats and exposed their ill practice.

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The FBI had search warrants in New York City and in suburban Westchester County. They tracked the stolen diary of Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden.

The New York Times reported on the situation. The whole thing goes back to a big report on the 2020 presidential election.

The Justice Department searched two locations associated with the conservative group Project Veritas as part of an investigation into how a diary stolen from President Biden’s daughter, Ashley, came to be publicly disclosed a week and a half before the 2020 presidential election, according to people briefed on the matter.

This raid makes us believe that Ashley’s diary had “sensitive material.” Local law enforcement always takes cases of theft of personal property. Why did they include the Feds in this one?

What did Ashley have in her diary?

Patrick Howley from National File discussed this:

“According to our source, the diary also details Ashley Biden’s unhealthy relationship with sex, and the ‘probably not appropriate’ showers she shared as a young girl with her father, Joe Biden,” the National File reported.

“After declaring she was ‘here for sexual trauma’ in the previous entry, on page 23 of the diary, dated January 30, 2019, the author explores the topic of sexual abuse and how it may have led to her overactive sex drive,” the report noted.

“I’ve had one of my hardest days – my sex drive is out of f**king control. Like literally, I am in heat,” the author wrote.

“I know it’s not the healthiest way to deal with things but @ least it’s better than drugs,” she added in a 1/30/19 entry, along with confessing she needed “sex to feel good.”

Ashley also wrote that she was probably “molested.”

“Was I molested. I think so – I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma,” wrote the author. There appears to be a potential allusion to Ashley Biden’s cousin Caroline Biden, which the author says she remembers “being somewhat sexualized” along with “Caroline.”

The author wrote that she was, “Hyper-sexualized [at] a young age,” which preceded her stated belief that she had been “molested,” albeit without recalling specifics. However, she goes on to also state her reaction to ‘overhearing her parents having sex,” as well.

The author identifies herself as Ashley Blazer Biden.

The involvement of Feds authenticates the diary.

Biden has a history of eyeing and sniffing young boys and girls.

Check out this video on Rumble.

The incident at the ceremony in 2015?

Our so-called President fondled a girl in front of cameras. The girl accused him of pinching her nipples. Maria Piacesi was eight back then. She was there with her uncle, Senator Steve Daines, and met creepy Joe.

“Did Joe Biden pinch you?” A user by the name of Jonathan Pasetti asked, to which Piacesi responded, “Yes.” However, she later deleted her comment.

“Why did you delete the comment?” Pasetti asked.

“I have friends that would no longer be friends with me if they knew that,” Maria Piacesi replied.

Did Ashley write about her father’s dirty habits?

Ashley struggled with drug addiction. Her brother, Hunter, is also a user and he has committed crimes. The man was accused of drug usage, international racketeering schemes, soliciting prostitution, and firearms violations. The FBI didn’t say a word about this.

The Bureau covers up for Biden and his kids. What’s next?

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