FBI FAIL: Accidentally Used 4-Chan, NAKED Hoax Photoshop As “Evidence” Against Capitol Rioters

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is never supposed to use photoshopped material to make a point

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So, why did they use a photoshopped image in the official report on Capitol riots? Facts and science are always right, right?

The image below says it all. Just take a look at the portrait on the wall. This particular image was photoshopped on a 4-Chan message board.

Why did the FBI add this to their report against violent rioters? There are hundreds of thousands of fact-checkers waiting for a new job. Maybe the Bureau should hire a few people. This was a serious blow for decent Americans. There’s no going back now. We cannot trust the Bureau. We cannot trust facts. Yes, because their facts are photoshopped. What about the other reports? Are they all fake?

American Thinker has an entire article on this embarrassment.

“Just when you thought the FBI couldn’t fall any further, the Bureau utterly, hilariously, and luridly beclowns itself. In a formal document, a criminal charge. Using a Photoshopped picture from 4-chan, the reviled (by all people who abhor wrongthink) website where a wag substituted a lurid picture for the official portrait hanging on the wall of the US Capitol in the background of a shot of the Viking horn helmet guy and others who stormed in on January 6, 2021.

Seamus Hughes was the eagle eye who spotted it, though the arrow in his picture on the following tweet directs the eye away from the object of humor:

This is so sloppy a job that it suggests extreme pressure to act in haste. That need for speed, of course, is the excuse used by Kevin Clinesmith to explain away his lying to a federal court – and the judge in question, James Boasberg, bought it and let him off with no prison time, a $100 fine and community service.

I am so old that I remember when the FBI was adored by the media and most of the citizenry other than communists. And J. Edgar Hoover’s insistence on getting the details right was legendary. Back then, not having enough Brylcreem in an agent’s hair could get one exiled to the field office in Butte, Montana. Considering the light punishment handed out to FBI lawyer Clinesmith, will anyone at the FBI even care about this? Will the judge hearing the complaint?”

Outlets across the world are laughing at us. So embarrassing!

“The FBI has used a viral image of a man with a colossal penis in a doctored photo from the Capitol siege submitted as evidence in an arrest warrant.

Brian P. McCreary was detained in Massachusetts last night after the FBI filed a criminal complaint which featured a lewd meme known as ‘Wood Sitting on a Bed.’

The 33-year-old Domino’s Pizza employee is pictured inside the Capitol alongside the horn-headed QAnon Shaman on January 6.

But behind the MAGA mob, hanging on the wall where a 19th century painting of Kentucky Senator Henry Clay should be, is a fully nude man well known across the internet.

The meme is often sent to unsuspecting recipients who are directed to open a link where they are greeted by the sight of the man sitting on the edge of a bed with his penis hanging down.

The edited image was sent to the FBI by one of McCreary’s co-workers but it’s not clear how it ended up being published in the warrant submitted on Wednesday.

The warrant was filed by special agent Emily Eckert and includes two photos of McCreary inside the building with an arrow identifying him.

In one of the photographs McCreary is seen filming the chaos on his phone as a band of men led by the QAnon Shaman Jake Angeli stand in the halls of the Capitol.

The original painting can be seen hanging on the wall to the left of an archway.

Further down in the arrest warrant another image is used to illustrate McCreary’s presence in the Capitol which shows the same archway but the painting to the left has been replaced by ‘Wood Sitting on a Bed.’

Eckert’s criminal complaint says the image was sent to the FBI by one of McCreary’s co-workers who reported him to law enforcement after he returned from D.C.

Seamus Hughes, deputy director of George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, tweeted: ‘I’ve studied extremism for 15 years, I’ve reviewed mostly every court record for decades. I can honestly say very little surprises me.

‘That said, I have absolutely no idea what to say about the Internet image the FBI used in a criminal complaint of the picture hanging on the wall.’

The FBI last night said McCreary, a Domino’s Pizza Delivery driver from North Adams, Massachusetts, was arrested and charged with two counts of illegal entry and three counts of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

In an ironic twist the 33-year-old was one of the first to contact the Bureau to provide evidence of those who breached the Capitol.”

This was not in the news. Liberal media cover up mistakes of this kind. They are not that kind to Republicans. People in this nation used to support the FBI and trust their sources. This one is just too much.

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