FBI Director Chris Wray’s Testimony Exposes A Different Side of Capitol Riots

Chris Wray’s testimony was shocking

The FBI Director testified before the US Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday. This was his first testimony since the January 6 riots.

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In his first testimony, Wray told Senate members that the Capitol riots were “domestic terrorism.”

According to him, there’s no evidence of “Fake Trump supporters” present at the Capitol during the protests.

Antifa-BLM leader John Sullivan was spotted at the US Capitol. He bragged about his MAGA hat during the riots. Sullivan broke a window and stormed the building.

Wray and the Bureau didn’t say a word about BLM and Antifa warriors who posted photos of the riots. They were literally bragging about storming the building and causing a mess.

One thing stands for sure. We can’t trust Wray. We can’t trust the Bureau.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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