Fauci Just Secured The Largest Federal Government Pension EVER Under The Biden Administration!

Forbes reported that the WH senior medical advisor Fauci (81) will retire with an annual pension of more than $350,000, making it the biggest federal government pension ever.

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Everything is getting more expensive; the retirement fund will still expand, one research shared on Tuesday by Forbes states. Fauci has accrued 55 years of service.

Fauci got $434,312 in 2020; that’s an increase over the $417,608 he was paid in 2019.

Federal workers can get 80% of the average of their highest-earning three years in service.

He would receive a pension of $333,746 if Fauci retired in 2020. His salary and pension will increase in 2021/2022.

Fauci is entitled to 2%% of his highest-earning three years as a government employee, and his current prospective pension will rise by $8,575.

He is a member of the Ready Reserve Corps, so the numbers will be different, even higher.

“Until we get this under control, there’s no way I’m leaving. That is, after all, the point of our efforts. Fauci told Jonathan Karl, according to ABC, that “that’s – that’s our job in life. “I’m not walking away in the midst of it.”

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