Fauci Blames Trump For Vaccine Hesitancy; But This Video Shows How Harris & Biden Muddied The Waters

Fraudci blames Donald Trump for vaccination issues

Truth is, people will never get Fauci’s jab. I guess Fauci doesn’t like the fact that Republicans and Trump ignore his “effort.” They will never praise him. Sane Americans will never trust Fauci.

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We are seeing a surge in new cases. Omicron is here… Fauci discussed the topic with Kaitlan Collins from CNN.

First, Fraudci praised Trump for encouraging people to get the jab. He also said that Trump had received the third shot.

Let’s remind you of all the Dems who slammed Trump for the vaccine push.

People booed Trump when he talked about his vaccination status.

“I was shocked that he was doing that, and that he was getting booed in some places for doing that.” In other words, “Poisoning the well early on with negative thoughts and opinions about vaccines can have a long-term effect,” says a doctor.

Here’s what Trump really said: “It really shows you the strength of the divide in our society, which I have always said is the biggest obstacle to getting this pandemic under control.”

On Sunday, Fauci spoke to Jonathan Karl from ABC and said Trump’s supporters are “recalcitrant” when they are forced to do something.

“They don’t like to be told what to do,” Fraudci said.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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