Exposed: Monkeypox Vax Lab Rats! – WHO Admits To Collecting Data From Idiots Who Get Monkeypox Jab! [VIDEO]

Josh Sigurdson talks about the World Health Organization, Monkeypox, Jabs, and more

The ongoing COVID-19 drama keeps making headlines and they seem to be prepared for another one. Are you ready for another fake pandemic? Anthony Fraudci and his friends are cooking something.

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Here’s a fun fact. People “diagnosed” with Monkeypox are actually vaccine injured. Unfortunately, some people are still blind. These guys are lining up to get another shot. Most of them got a few COVID shots and now they are ready for another round. It’s a vicious cycle and these sad people can’t even see the truth. What a disgrace! We are living in a world filled with insane people who trust the bad guys. They support Nancy Pelosi and her friends. Should we even add more? This psychosis is real…

This particular video on Rumble exposes the truth. Vaccine injure are listed as new diseases.

Joe Biden doesn’t pay much attention to this. It’s not like he pays attention to anything. He follows the rules and supports elitists who set up this game. Creepy Joe says that most hospitalized patients aren’t up to date on their death jabs.

“In this video, we break down this most recent news from Clown World,” World Alternative Media.

What’s next? COVID-19 and Monkeypox won’t do the trick. They sure have Plan C. We have a few good reasons to believe that Fraudci and his buddies will come up with another pandemic. Guess what? We’re here to say ‘NO’. We’re here to fight for our rights and oppose their plan. Deadly jabs will never enter our bodies. We won’t let them get away with this. Not this time. Millions of people died in the last couple of years. Let’s stop the manslaughter! Let’s stop them!

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