Explosive Drama Erupts On Set Of HGTV’s “Flip Or Flop”…Stars Tarek And Christina Had To Be “Separated”

Fight, fight!

Things got really hot on the set of HGTV’s “Flip or Flop.” People on set had to separate both stars.

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Tarek El Moussa and Christina Haack got into a thing and they had to be physically separated throughout the entire day.

According to Page Six, El Moussa lost it on Haack over the way she told him it was time to do their HGTV series “Flip or Flop.”

TMZ reported that El Moussa flipped out at his ex-wife on the set of the show. He didn’t like the way she signaled to him that they had to go.

The 39-year-old verbally attacked Haack and compared her to his fiancée Heather Rae Young. El Moussa even said Young was hotter and wealthier than his ex.

El Moussa didn’t stop here. He said that he “made” Haack and said she was a “washed-up loser.”

“Look at me, look at me, look at me. It’s called winning,” he reportedly screamed at her, adding, “The world knows you’re crazy!”

The couple had to finish the day working separately.

El Moussa says he has grown “fed up” with the mother of his two kids. He even insists that she isn’t able to handle life at the moment.

His wife, on the other hand, says she is smoking “toad venom” to soothe her anxiety.

She divorced from her second husband after a year.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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