Expert Hacker’s 25,000-Word ‘Secret Report’ – Threat To Georgia!

A threat?

A professor who specializes in election integrity uncovered the security flaws in Georgia’s election system.

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“The vulnerability was first alleged in sealed court documents in July by Alex Halderman, a computer science professor at the University of Michigan,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported. “As an expert for plaintiffs in the election security lawsuit, Halderman gained access to Georgia voting equipment for 12 weeks and produced a 25,000-word secret report.”

“Halderman found that malicious software could be installed on voting touchscreens so that votes are changed in QR codes printed on paper ballots, which are then scanned to record votes, according to court documents,” the report continued. “QR codes aren’t readable by the human eye, and voters have no way to know whether they match the printed text of their choices.”

“The vulnerability could be exploited by someone with physical access to a voting touchscreen, such as a voter in a polling place, or by an attacker who used election management system computers,” the report added, citing Halderman. “A hacker in a polling place could only target one touchscreen at a time, limiting the number of votes that could be changed, but an attack on election management systems could have a broader impact.”

“It is important to recognize the possibility that nefarious actors already have discovered the same problems I detail in my report and are preparing to exploit them in future elections,” Halderman wrote in a September declaration. Halderman added that he found no concrete evidence that Dominion voting machines changed votes in the 2020 election.

The Secretary of State said that voting in Georgia ‘is more secure than ever because of audits, voter ID requirements and a ban on collecting and returning multiple absentee ballots.’

The judge has to make a decision.

“Professor Halderman argues that a paper-based voting system with ballots filled out by hand, instead of ballots printed by computers, would be more secure. His testimony was actually sought out by radical partisan actors, including those connected to failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and her group Fair Fight Action.”

Let’s not forget that there are at least eight lawsuits suggesting that Georgia’s new law is “discriminatory and unconstitutional.”

“Claiming you can break into a system after being given unfettered access is like claiming you can break into a house after being given the keys and alarm codes,” Raffensperger argued.

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Source: The True Defender

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