EXCLUSIVE: Woman Goes In, For Flu Shot, Nurse Injected Her With The Wrong Vial: ‘’Maybe They Try To Get Everyone Vaccinated.’’

Savannah Courtad got the wrong jab…

The lady was in line for the flu shot in Fresno, CA, but the nurse gave her a different vaccine. Courtad noticed something was off when the nurse told her to come back for the second shot.

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So, this woman got the COVID-19 jab without her consent.

Courtad shared her awful experience on Instagram:

They just said this wasn’t a big deal.

Check out the convo between Jordan Condradson and Savannah:

Conradson: Can you tell us about what happened?

Courtad: Yeah, so I went into a local Walgreens here in Fresno, California, and I just went in to get a flu shot, and they mistakenly gave me a COVID vaccine instead. And I’m not sure if it was an accident, they claim it was. But yeah, just really upset about that.

Conradson: Right. So what was your reaction to this when it happened?

Courtad: So when I initially like found out, I was given the wrong shot, I was in shock. Thankfully, my boyfriend and his mom were with me. And they helped me, you know, go up to the counter and like confirm with the head pharmacist that I was given the wrong shot. And so I was just in shock. But my boyfriend and his mom definitely helped me like figure things out.

Conradson: And then so based off the story you posted on your Instagram, it sounds like they played this off as a minor mistake. They kind of told you stuff happens sometimes. And so this leaves you wondering how many other people have received the COVID vaccine by mistake?

Courtad: Yes, it does it. That’s part of the reason why I really want this story to be put out there so that this doesn’t happen to other people. It’s kind of hard to believe that it was just an accident. Because I know that nurses go through a lot of training. So that stuff like this doesn’t happen. And so yeah.

Conradson: Yeah. So I wanted to ask you, do you think this was incompetency or you think that with this major, extreme push to get everybody vaccinated that nurses like this might just be doing it?

Courtad: I want to believe that it was just an accident. That’s what they claim happened. Um, but it does leave me wondering, you know.

Conradson:So I know they’re actually mandating vaccines in Los Angeles. I think that takes effect next month. What are the COVID restrictions like in Fresno?

Courtad: Well, I’m not actually from Fresno, originally, I’m just here visiting my boyfriend. But I know that things are pretty, like, intense here. Like, you know, you’re like they’re really pushing it. I know, California, just as a whole state is really pushing it. And I mean, you go into Walmart, and you have to wear a mask, like, you know, and because of all this, it leaves me wondering, okay, maybe this wasn’t an accident. Maybe they’re just really trying to get everyone vaccinated.

Conradson: Right. Yeah. So another thing you’re you’re into health. You know what’s best for your health. You said you wanted to do some research first to before you took this experimental vaccine. What does it feel like to have your medical freedom stripped from you? and they just play it off as no big deal as “something that happens”?

Courtad: I’m honestly pretty distraught. Like, I this is definitely something I wanted to research. I hear of all these side effects, and just the fact that it hasn’t been out very long. And so to just have it injected me without having a choice just has left me like really super distraught.

Conradson: Right. I imagine I’m so sorry. Um, will you be pursuing this in court?

Courtad: Yes, definitely.

Conradson: That’s great. What message do you have for anybody that may be getting a vaccine, whether it’s the flu or the COVID, or any injection for that matter?

Courtad: Um, I just think that everyone should just really make sure that what is being injected into their body is what they signed up for. So double check with the nurse, you know, multiple times, you have to just to make sure for certain that you’re getting what you signed up for.

Conradson: Right. And then my last question, so I noticed they tagged your Instagram post with a link to the COVID-19 Information Center for vaccine resources. That’s not necessarily a fact check. But it’s the next worst thing. So do you think it’s necessary for big tech and Big Pharma to be moderating your factual recount of what happened to you?

Courtad: No, I think that’s super unnecessary. Yeah, I noticed that it was like What on earth like, it’s just, it seems very controlling, to be honest.

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