EXCLUSIVE: USB DRIVES Were Suspiciously Stolen, Transferred, And Inserted Into Voting Systems Used In the Swing States In 2020 Election

In a couple of swig states, the USBs used in the 2020 presidential election were reported missing or inserted into the voting system in the election.

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In AZ, on November 5, one home was raided, and the USBs were taken with hard drives and computers.

Why would the person need these items a couple of days after the election?

There were numerous activities in the State Farm Arena in Fulton County, GA, where USBs were shared between the personnel. There was one strange pass between a mother and daughter, two famous workers, because of their suspicious activities in the election.

Also, another weird pass happened with a guy that we call ‘’USB Guy.’’

In Gwinnett County, one official confessed he was talking information from the Election Management System, plugged it into the laptop, and then filtered it with Excel.

External software isn’t allowed on election machines. Georgia election COO Gabe Sterling reported this.

On October 1, 2020, reports say that an election laptop and USB’s were stolen in Pennsylvania.

On November 12, a couple of days after the election, it was reported that outsiders with USBs and Vcards were allowed in Pennsylvania counting areas without observers.

In November, in Pennsylvania, one credible witness shared how he observed dozens of USB cards were uploaded to voting machines that ended in 50,000 votes for Joe Biden very shortly.

In Wisconsin was reported one missing flash drive in Milwaukee, in the city where were 120,000 votes for Biden, on the morning of November 4.

An IT expert shared some information on the voting systems in the US election. He located a previous audit report from an audit of the Dominion, California. There, California presented a high-level diagram of the Dominion system, similar to Pennsylvania and other places.

It showed that laptops and other workstations onsite were present, and the workers can access them after the ballot images are scanned in.

When a couple of USBs from that time were missing or lost, the response would be to replace them in the locations or districts with similar credentials as the missing USBs. Nothing indicates that it happened in the 2020 election.

The Gateway Pundit shared:

“Per a discussion with one top security expert, the protocol related to the transfer of USBs in Arizona and other states appears to have changed for this election. Rather than individuals from each location transporting the USB to the tabulation centers and signing off on their activities which provides the proper chain of control, this year, something different took place. Individuals from the state or from some election-related entity picked up the USBs at all locations and transported them to the location where the results were tabulated. The reason for this change was blamed on COVID or rather; COVID was used to make this change.”

These events allowed manipulations of votes with the USBs before they were delivered to where they should be counted.

The security of the USBs from the 2020 election was on a very low level.

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